Show Entry Information

Step 1 – Show Calendar

The MTNZ Zone One / NAPTA calendar is a record of all shows happening within the MTNZ Zone One Area during 2017.

All shows, even those not for NAPTA Judging will be included.

In order to be eligible for NAPTA Judging, productions must be submitted to the calendar BEFORE DECEMBER 31st 2016.

In the event that this deadline cannot be met, a show might be added to the Judging schedule at the discretion of the NAPTA Trust and Convenor only if the dates are sent to us three months prior to opening night.

Even if there are only draft dates available, please enter these and then email with any updates.

Click here to add a show to the calendar…

Step 2 – Show Entry Form

Additionally, each show must complete a 2017 Show Entry Form due TWO WEEKS BEFORE opening night in order to be eligible for Judging.

There are two file formats below – a Word Doc to fill in on the computer, then print and sign and a PDF to directly print and completely fill out by hand.
Please ensure the form has both signatures and is then scanned and emailed to

Click here to download the form as a Word Doc (can be filled out on a computer or printed)

Click here to download the form as a PDF (can be printed and filled out by hand)