Show Entry Information

Step 1 – Show Calendar

The MTNZ Zone One / NAPTA calendar is a record of all shows happening within the MTNZ Zone One Area.

All shows, even those not for NAPTA Judging will be included.

In the event that a show has not been submitted to the calendar, it can be added to the Judging schedule at the discretion of the NAPTA Trust and Convenor only if the dates are sent to us three months prior to opening night.

Any questions and updates can be sent to

Click here to view the 2019 NAPTA calendar for making bookings to judged shows (PLEASE CHECK ALL DETAILS ARE CORRECT)…

Click here to view the 2019 MTNZ Zone 1 calendar (this includes the not for judging shows as well)…

Step 2 – Show Entry Form

Additionally, each show must complete a Show Entry Form due TWO WEEKS BEFORE opening night in order to be eligible for Judging.

Please see the new google form system, note that this replaces the paper form and scan system.

Enter a Show…